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Pour une peau mieux hydratée et plus lumineuse. Doté de toutes les technologies "intelligentes" de notre crème N1 revitalizing Supreme, ce nouveau masque multi. Discover beauty at m, your destination for high-performance skincare, makeup, Fragrance, videos, more. Free shipping & Returns. Retrouvez toute la gamme et produits Estée lauder : les nouveautés et les meilleures références de la marque ainsi que tous les avis et les conseils de milliers. Rewind time with a high-performance repair serum and moisturizer. Help reverse visible signs of aging and dramatically reduce the look of lines and wrinkles.

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Grâce à sa technologie intuigen les fonctions anti-âge de la peau sont activées. Instantanément, 100 des femmes ont montré une peau mieux hydratée et plus lumineuse. A terme, la peau paraît plus dense, plus jeune. Testé dermatologiquement - non acnégène. Indications, tous types de peaux. Conseils d'utilisation, appliquer généreusement sur le visage et le cou préalablement nettoyés, en évitant le contour des yeux. Laisser poser 5 minutes puis retirer l'excédent à l'aide d'un mouchoir en papier. Utiliser 3 fois par semaine. Astuce : Envie d'éclat instantané? Mélangez revitalizing Supreme masque global anti-âge avec le fond hendels de teint Perfectionist ou double wear. Appliquer délicatement au pinceau poudre.

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Tous les produits Estee lauder sur. En reife poursuivant votre navigation sur ce site, vous acceptez l'utilisation de cookies et autres traceurs pour vous proposer des services et offres adaptés à vos centres d'intérêts, réaliser des statistiques de visites et contrôler votre commande via nos dispositifs de lutte contre la fraude. Pour en savoir plus vitamin et paramétrer les cookies. En poursuivant votre navigation sur ce site, vous acceptez l'utilisation de cookies pour vous proposer des services et offres adaptés à vos centres d'intérêts. En savoir plus, hydratant, oui, anti-rides, oui. Prix indicatif 81, contenance 75 ml, prix au litre : 1 080 /l, descriptif, pour une peau mieux hydratée et plus lumineuse. Doté de toutes les technologies "intelligentes" de notre crème N1 revitalizing Supreme, ce nouveau masque multi-actions révolutionnaire ultra-hydratant donne à la peau un éclat spectaculaire instantanément. Des agents hydratants et nourrissants surpuissants hydratent la peau en profondeur pour stimuler son éclat. Son complexe énergisant gorge la peau en énergie, la rend plus résistante et soulage les peaux ternes et fatiguées.

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The purpose of this cream is to reduce the look of multiple signs of aging. Visit Store estee lauder. Estee revitalizing Supreme Global Anti-Aging eye balm. Estee lauder Perfectly Clean Multi-Action Creme Cleanser moisture mask. #2 The red Light will stimulate your cells to produce collagen, but the cells need nutrients from red light lotions. .

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Estée lauder cc cream. Winner of Best beauty by Stylist Awards 2017 : "Best cc crème ". Anti -ageing colour comfort. This innovative, multi-action formula richly nourishes, comforts and revitalises skin's appearance. Inspired by these findings and cutting-edge cellular research, Estée lauder introduces its first global anti -aging creme - a breakthrough, high-performance, multi-action creme so extraordinary, it can only be called revitalizing Supreme Global Anti -ageing Crème. Il 30 gennaio siamo state invitate alla presentazione della prima crema anti -age ad azione globale: revitalizing Supreme di Estée lauder.

Estée lauder 's revitalizing Supreme Global Anti -ageing Creme answers all of your skin's changing needs with its highly effective, naturally based Intuigen Technology. สวนลด : 960 บาท. Brand : estee lauder. HairCare medicated products Shampoo conditioner makeup Cheek makeup eye makeup Facial makeup Oralcare sephora After Sun Care Ageing stock th base top coat Bath shower Sets Bath soak bb cc cream Blotting Paper Blush Body. Estee lauder revitalizing Supreme Global Anti Ageing Creme. With 10 patents worldwide, this supremely lightweight, high-performance, multi-action creme features Estée lauders new, breakthrough Intuigen Technologyto beautifully revitalize the look of skin. These sentences are part of the official description Estée lauder revitalizing Supreme Global Anti -ageing Crème.

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I realised it works best if you warm it between your palms for a few seconds, and then apply. It sinks in without leaving a greasy film, yet you can still feel there's something that's preventing discomfort. Overall belgie verdict: tabel A winner in my book. Key ingredients: Sunflower and Barley extracts: Improves skin's moisture retaining ability. Vit e and Caffeine to soothe inflammation. Black bamboo (Intuigen Technology) extract to help cells boost age resisting functions. Available at R540 for 30ml and R725 for 50ml.

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I also have horrible dehydration lines/expression forehead lines on my forehead that become visible as soon as my skin is under nourished/neglected - i watched them get less prevalent day by day. Revitalizing and Rejuvenation: Through late flights, followed by late nights in smoke-filled pubs, early mornings and heavily stressed individuals driving in areas they do not know at all, my skin looked plump and clear throughout. I should also point out that I have not developed any blockages or congestion, even though the texture is deliciously rich (Yay! Am i a grown-up now?). Barrier-building, Anti-irritants, Anti-Oxidants: Tick, tick and tick - no irritation whatsoever. They go on to talk about amazing technology that offers both short and long term benefits on expression lines and sagging, but (a) I fortunately don't have many lines yet and (b) I do not have the lab equipment to measure such results. Texture-wise, i found it slightly odd at first - as in not so spreadable.

Intuigen Technology to beautifully revitalize the forks look of skin. Derived from nature, this powerful technology helps revitalize skin from within, addressing multiple visible signs of aging by supporting skins natural activation of Nrf2, a master switch that turns on multiple anti-aging pathways within the skin. The breakthrough formula also features an advanced. Sirt-1 Technology to help rejuvenate the look of skin by providing cells with more time to carry out their natural restorative functions. Additionally, a powerful Barrier-building Complex, potent anti-irritants and anti-oxidants nourish skin with replenishing moisture and nutrients to help skin resist the signs of ageing. The test: Two of the most stressful weeks of my life. Including (but not limited to deciding to move to gauteng, quitting my day job, assisting with finding a replacement for my day job, taking a four day trip to gauteng to do house hunting, coming back without having found a house, etc. Here's what I found: Hydration and nourishment: my nose and lips were seriously suffering with the dry gauteng climate, but my skin was absolutely fine. It was comfortably hydrated and nourished throughout, without a hint of tightness or flaking, which often occurs in winter.

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Yup, i'm using products that are labelled as Anti Ageing Creams. Newsflash: If you're over 25, you should probably be doing so too. But I'll save that speech for another day. This cream is marketed as a multi purpose anti ageing product, and is intended to creme address not only hydration and nourishment, but also lines and wrinkles and lack of radiance and vitality. I've copied a section of the press release, so that I can give you an idea what claims I was testing it against: Estee lauder revitalizing Supreme, global Anti Ageing Creme, as skin ages, it begins to feel dry, losing its youthful radiance, and its. by reactivating skins natural ability to look younger, revitalizing supreme global anti-aging creme anticipates and responds to skins changing needs, delivering advanced science, nutrients and moisture deep within skins surface to help delay the look of signs of aging. With 10 patents worldwide, this supremely lightweight, high-performance, multi-action creme features Estée Lauders new, breakthrough.

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